Sunday Confessional: and now I’m pissed off 

Confession: I’ve now moved past frustration to anger with my weight loss journey. 

Even WW is catching on. When I lodged my weight I got this message; 

Seriously? Seriously? (I always hear Meredith Grey’s voice when I type that-sidebar)

I am not going to give up my activity. I’m finally in a place where I love every single class. I love getting up and going and I am proud when I finish class. 

The classes give me a confidence that the weight problem is trying to overshadow. I worked very hard at being settled in a group class. I’ve made some great friends and my trainers are awesome. 

Thing is; my WW leader is equally amazing and I love her ability to make me feel unstoppable. It’s really unfair that my body is betraying all my hard work. 

Now, I’ve seen changes don’t get me wrong.

Confession; all my current button up jeans can be pulled on and off without undoing the buttons 😳

I’m down from a size 26 to a 22 in pants, so there is progress but my GOD why won’t my body just get over itself and move along weight wise. 

We sang a song at Church today called Patience People (it’s an Advent Song to help us await the coming of the Lord at Christmas) but it seems more a message to me from God. I hate when that happens lol, cause I know in my heart it’s the right message. 

Patience is a virtue. I’m still working on that. 

Until later. 

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