Sunday Confessional; planning 2017

Confession; I used to be a resolutionist. 

Every year I would make a list of things I wanted to do come January 1st. Lose weight. Join a gym. Get in shape. Stop drinking or smoking ( not mine but others may see them) 

You move into the first few weeks of the year all gung-ho. You make big grandios gestures and applaud yourself for all you’re doing. 

Confession: weeks is all it lasts for. 

By March all those good intentions have paved the road to…. umm well you know where that road goes. You then spend the rest of the year planning how the new year will be different. 

Confession: I have always done that. 

Confession: 2017 will be different. 

I have a group of friends I see every Monday, I love them all to the moon and back. We had been talking about these trends and how can we Combat them. We decided to make vision boards. To devise a ‘focus’ for 2017. 

Confession: my focus needed more focus 

Above is my vision for 2017. It’s all about choices. 

Choices make me stronger. 

My choice to take 6 classes a week at the gym makes me strong. My goal of choosing to give up soda come Jan1 makes me stronger. 

By making good choices in 2017 I will make myself stronger. 

I also bought a Happy Planner planner for 2017 as well 

I am choosing to document my strong choices this way. 

This was my first choice, sharing it with all of you. 

Until later. 

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