Sunday Confessional: Hello Choices 2017

Confession: I lost almost 3lbs in the last two weeks of 2016. 

I have thought long and hard about what my focus was going to be for the next year. 

Confession: I’ve put more effort in planning my choices this year than any other. 

I made my vision board. Made and hanging in my bedroom to give me a visible reminder about why I’m doing this. 

I have my new Happy Planner (front cover pictured above) to help me plan my choices and focus on gratitude for where I am right now. 

I have my Quit This app. I have decided to give up chips, chocolate and pop (in the short term just until my Zumba Instructor training is over) and who knows from beyond that. This is another visual reminder of how my choices make me stronger. 

I am making the time this year to make choices that make ME better and stronger and more confident. 

What have you begun this year to make you better and stronger and more confident? Is this going to be a year of changes for you? What will be your focus?

I know this is gonna be a banner year for me. 


Until later. 

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