Sunday Confessional: stronger

Confession: today’s weather tried to very much derail my WI. 

Did I let it? Nope. 

I was down 3.9lbs 😳 

I knew giving up the junk was gonna make this a great week for me but holy crap! 

I have successfully gotten through choices to not eat ice cream cake and Starbucks and haven’t touched junk food. 

I knew the week was going to be hard. Coming off the sugar I was taking in would be tough. I had headaches and a serious case of the crankies. 

However, as the week went on I felt better. My tummy wasn’t as bloated and I had more energy. Instead of having my regular night time snack of chips and chocolate I was having toast and tea or thawed frozen fruit and cool whip. 

The more I chose to say no the more I realized I didn’t need it. Saturday was a big temptation day for me. I walked by the Newfoundland Chocolate Co where I always got a few truffles. It was even worse once we got to DQ to buy my daughters birthday cake. 

Confession; it smelled really good 

I was stronger than that smell. I abstained from the cake and had jello and cool whip. 

The WI was just the cherry on top of a week of strong choices. I didn’t feel deprived. I would look at the chips and chocolate that’s in the house and would talk to it lol “I don’t need you” I would say. 

It’s funny because I know WW maintains that you can have whatever you want in moderation but clearly I have impulse control problems when it comes to the junk food. I know this now and can make the appropriate choices to make me better. 

I am so proud of my progress this week that I can’t wait to see what I can do next 😊

Until later. 

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