Sunday Confessional: Taste 

Confession: this is my current Netflix obsession;

I watch with such intrigue the food these people create and they look amazing and they evoke emotion from you. 

But my thought goes to; but would I actually eat it? 

My taste pallete doesn’t seem to come up to that level. Not that I would step outside my taste box and try these dishes. 

That being said, since I’ve been on this journey I noticed my tastes have already evolved. 

Dishes and food I used to love and eat regularly now don’t seem to taste the same. 

For example; Donairs. These are an Atlantic Canadian thing and I used to eat these all the time (hence my weight issue) however, I had the opportunity to eat one recently and after three bites I was kind of disgusted. 

I find food when I eat out now mostly over salted since I no longer cook with salt. I also have lost my taste for heavily fatty foods as well. 

Taste is of definite importance in this journey. You have to enjoy what you’re eating in order to make this a lifestyle. Once you do that, the world is your oyster. 

Unless you don’t like oysters lol 

Until later. 

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