Tuesday Touchpoint

Where is it written that you must always shrink to others? 

No where. 

However, there is something to be said about ‘rising above’ or being the adult. 

When you are confronted with a situation that is not about you but you get pulled in, you need to learn to be an adult. 

I have always taught my kids to defend themselves when they felt bullied or made to feel less. What I haven’t let them realize is how to rise above and how to realize when defending could be pointless. I think this comes with being an adult and is a learned skill. 

We all need to live in this world and I think it takes more people willing to rise above to make the peace without compromising who they are. 

Tomorrow in NS is Pink Shirt Day to support the Anti Bullying movement and I will be decked out in pink to show my support. 

Will you? 

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