Sunday Confessional: listen 

Confession: I sometimes don’t pay attention to myself. 

There are times when I push through things when I should slow down or stop. 

Usually it’s when I’m sick I’ll ‘soldier’ through and never slow down. All it does is keep me sicker. 

Tonight I’m on my couch relaxing and my legs are driving me nuts. It’s almost like restless leg syndrome. I have taken the weekend off activity and they’re protesting. 

Last week from Saturday to this past Friday was too much on my body I think. Friday I could barely get my gym sneakers on because I was so swollen. 

So I listened. I slowed up. I took time off and didn’t go to Zumba. 

Confession: I felt bad that I missed the class. Like I’d done something bad. 

But all I did was listen. 

And one day I’m gonna be ok with listening to my body. 

Until later. 

PS; oh yeah I’m now down more weigh than I have ever lost on WW since my first kick of the can. Proud!!!!

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