Sunday Confessional: new ground 

Confession: today I hit a new place in my weight loss journey 

I have now lost more weight with WW since the first time I did the program – in high school.

Confession: I may be terrified of what comes next. 

With this new place comes things that could possibly derail or sabotage all my current progress. 

Things like; expectations from others, fear of failure in front of others, fear of success, fear of disappointment both alone and to others. 

I’ve always been my own worst critic and now that I’m super proud of what I’ve done so far it begs to reason; when will the other shoe drop?

Confession: I can’t see the visible changes in my body yet and I’m sure neither can others 

That’s another part of this. The vain person in me is disgruntled that one can ‘see my work’. Don’t get me wrong I’m not fishing for compliments but I’d love just one unsolicited damn girl wouldn’t suck. 

When you are on a weight loss journey and you have a lot of weight to lose it can seem like a very long dark tunnel. I’m just hoping to find a flashlight every couple hundred feet or so. 

When you are breaking new ground you need as much help as you can find a sure foot. 

Next steps? Keep digging that new ground. No way I’m filling any of it back in. 

Until later. 

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