Sunday Confessional: waves

Confession: I was up this week, thanks in no small part for being a woman

I was glad it was only .3 and I am ready to kill next week. 

Being so close to a number goal has played on my mind. I’m four pounds away from my first 25lbs lost. I want that charm that WW gives out. 

But motivation moves in waves. Some days my mind is on and my choices are on point and I’m full steam ahead. 

Others I feel like I’ve been run over by my motivation truck. 

So much of this weight loss journey is not about food or exercise that it’s hard to remember to not focus so much on what goes in my mouth. 

The daily mental fight to make good food choices, get lots of steps in and make it to my gym class; it’s no joke. 

There are times when I feel like all I do all day is fight my own self worth for the right to be healthy and happy and not just ‘fine’ 

I fight with my need to love the person I am now but not settle with that person.  I fight to keep that person I know I can be in the forefront of my mind when making choices everyday. 

Confession; the fight comes in waves that wash over me 

Some days I surf and some days I’m pulled under. One thing I never do; I never stop swimming. 

I will keep fighting. 

Until later. 

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