Sunday Confessional: light yourself on fire 

Confession: this morning I was moved by the spirit 

I was singing with our little group for Palm Sunday Mass and there was a moment during a song where I was just hyper present in the moment. The hair on my arm stood on end. 

There are not a lot of those kinds of moments in my life. 

I would love to get that feeling about my everyday life lol. I found myself this week battling with motivation and drive. 

Confession: I know that I need to make the effort 

Some days you can’t wait for the motivation and you have to light yourself on fire. You need to dig down deep and find what is going to make the hair on your arms stand on end.  

This journey we are on is long and windy and fraught with obstacles. There will be days where you feel yourself on fire and others when you feel smothered by wet blankets. 

This journey will try to make you quit (and that was me this week, they all can’t be amazing) and it will make you cry. 

But it will make you strong. 

That’s what I’m in it for. Even if I have to set myself on fire to do it. 

Until later. 

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