Sunday Confessional: it was a mole hill not a mountain 

Confession: I was convinced it was gonna be awful. I was awful for almost two weeks. 

It was not even a whole pound I gained. 


Sometimes we make mountains out of things that should only be mole hills. 

For me, especially with food, I have an all or nothing approach. I’m either really really good, or I’m completely off the rails. I tend to not have a middle ground to rest my head on. 

However once I’ve slipped I jump right to worse case scenario when I shouldn’t. 

It’s a hard mental battle to ensure that even when you’re slipping you don’t drown yourself. It’s a constant inner monologue you need to have with yourself during this journey. 

I’ve gotten my activity inner monologue perfected even to the point of now pushing myself out of my comfort zone there. I love where I am with my fitness and am sublimely grateful for my body when I’m doing it. 

What I need help on is my inner monologue for food. I start it everyday with the best of intentions but seemingly it gets garbled in a mass of cravings and bad choices. I just don’t have the confidence in my inner monologue when it comes to the food. 

Confession: I am determined to get it right. 

My journey to 52 is still in sight. Just watch me. 

Until later. 

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