Sunday Confessional: it’s gonna be may

Confession: small aggravating gain this week. 

I decided to take our group journal home for the week in an effort to usher in May with positivity and a bit of self awareness. 

Confession: food addiction is real 

And it’s no joke. The struggle can completely take over your life. It’s a daily and even an every moment fight to make good choices, to know what’s right and stick to it. For those of us who struggle with it some days it’s just easier to give in. 

Most days I can keep it to a minimal impact like this weeks gain. However I hope and pray for a day when I don’t have to see food this way. 

However I’m taking some time in May to make self care a priority. To learn to be self compassionate and not be so all black and white. 

May is a time of renewal and refreshing and I’m going to make this my best month yet. 

Things in working on; drinking water, not skipping workouts, making strong food choices. I’m also going to start taking a few moments every day to make sure I’ve done what I can do each day to make me stronger. 

Something to think about;

Until later. 

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