Tuesday Touchpoint 

There are moments in this life, some are fleeting, where you experience joy. 

The day I got married. The birth of my kids. When I get to see my family.  When I’m with my friends. 

Every once and a while you have things that make you happy. When I do awesome things at work. When I get a compliment from someone. It’s the little things. 

One is not the other. You can have happiness but not have joy. You have to actively seek it out the joy in your life. 

I used to think that Zumba was my only joy at the gym. I was wrong. It took a while and it came to me slowly but I realized today. Body Combat is an actual joy in my life. I feel powerful when I’m done. I feel unstoppable. The fact that I do this class three times a week and love it is amazing. 

I really think people would be so much better off if they just decided to actively seek out their own joy. 

At the very least it will make them feel unstoppable too. And everyone deserves to feel that way! 

Until later. 

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