Wednesday Wisdoms 

There’s wisdom in knowing when your mind has had enough. When there’s so much in it that you’re sure your brains are leaking out your ears. 

There are times when you feel like you’ve got no more room in your mind for another bit of information and you just want to stop. 

That exact moment is when you need the wisdom to know what you need to release. 

For me it’s getting to the gym. When nothing else seems to want to work in my favour and I feel the weight of mounting stress I know that my release is at the gym. 

Just losing myself in a Combat class, using all my strength in every punch and finishing winded makes me feel unstoppable. 

You already know how I feel about the pleasure that Zumba is for me. 

Those classes are my new safe space. Nothing touches me there. 

Not sure when this happened but I’m wide enough to be thankful that I have it in my life. 

Until later. 

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