Sunday Confessional: Routine Interuption

Confession: vacations always tends to throw me off track. 

I find myself skipping meals and not eating on my regular schedule. It leads to poor choices and inability to stay on track. 

It leads to bad things.

This week I was off and I had a few things to do. I got to the gym but then life took over and I spent a night in ER with hubby and then was too tired to get to the gym the next day. 

My food choices are always stronger when I have a routine set it stone. Work, Gym and home. I love my schedule just the way it is. I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Routine isn’t a bad thing. Some people fear routine as something they get stuck in. It’s a restraint that people rebel from. 

What do you think? Is routine a good thing? Does it fit into your life? 

Until later.  

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