Wednesday Wisdoms

I’ve been going to the gym for a while now and there seems to be a few gym rules that maybe people don’t know about or refuse to listen to. 

Maybe you understand. 

When you look in a room and it’s very clear with the 20 odd people in it all copying an instructor that a class is on. This is NOT an invitation to walk in to ‘fetch’ something. I almost back kicked a woman the other day because of it. Almost felt bad about it. 


When you’re doing a class it’s rude to need to be on your phone between tracks. Is that selfie suddenly important. (I take my pics before or after lol) 

Customarily food is not permitted in the gym. Maybe a protein bar or protein shake if you’re doing a really taxing workout. Pizza isn’t an approved food. Especially when you decide to eat it in a room full of people doing a class. I mean really. 

Until later. 

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