Sunday Confessional: doubt

Confession: I was doubtful I’d lose today

I was surprised to know I did. 

Why is it that we allow doubt to creep into our thinking? Why is it so easy to skip past confidence and right into doubt?

I think that we don’t give our confidence enough credit. I have moments of confidence, like when I avoid the vending machine or do all the jump kicks in track 2 of Combat. The problem is consistency, I can’t seem to make it stick around. 

My current plantar fasciitis is driving me nuts. I thought it would be gone by now and it’s not. Doubt creeps in that it may never go away. I’m doing all the things I need to be but still doubt lingers.  

I’m almost half way to my 52 week goal but doubt creeps in. Will I ever get it? My heart wants to say yes but doubt lives your mind. 

The more I push myself in every part of this journey I can only hope that my confidence will grow and working the muscle more and more consistency will come. 

Until later. 

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