Sunday Confessional; betrayal 

Confession: almost cried at WI this week. 

Sometimes it can be really frustrating when you feel you’re making progress and making great choices. Then you wake up one day and your body has gone haywire. 

Warning: overshare eminent!

I woke up this morning crabby, crampy and with the girls feeling twice their size. Ugh. Then I could barely get my ring on. Damn. 

Having an IUD has gotten rid of Aunt Flo but apparently not all her symptoms.  Crap. 

Being at the mercy of your body is the ultimate slap in the face when you’re trying to lose weight. You could be spot on food and activity wise but see a huge gain on the scale because of it. 

I had a little pity party. I brewed some iced tea I got my book and read and watched some tv. 

Am I pissed my body betrayed me? Hell yes. 

Did I stomp my feet and throw a tantrum? Little bit. 

Will I let it derail me completely? F#*k no. 

Owning it. Moving on to better things. 

Until later. 

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