Sunday Confessional; be assertive 

Confession: I do not like conflict. 

I have never been one to get into a fray over anything. There have been times when I knew something to be right but to avoid conflict I just let it go and went along for the ride. 

When it comes to making choices about my health journey I seem to avoid as well. I can sometimes have ‘selective memory’ 

Confession: I need to get more assertive with myself 

I have worked very hard at making the very best choices for my activity. I have a schedule I like and I’m toying with the idea of one thing more. I don’t like anything to come in conflict with my gym schedule. 

I’ve learned to be super assertive when making sure not to miss it. Why can I not seem to do the same for food? 

It’s a completely different relationship to find my assertiveness in and for some reason I’m no where near where I want to be. 

Small steps. It’s going to be slow and painful but small steps will be what wins my war. 

Until later. 

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