Sunday Confessional: no comfort here

Confession: they don’t lie when they tell you that change is painful. 

I sit here with a dull ache in my arms and legs. The kind of ache you don’t notice unless you move or sneeze or try to function 😉

Confession: and it’s all my fault 

I am learning that in order to promote change in my life I need to push myself. Not to judge if I have a bad eating day but to make choices that will further my health journey. 

Confession: I know cardio

I love cardio (though ask me again after Combat on Tuesday 😋) but you cannot rely on cardio alone. Or at least I can’t anymore. 

Deemed safe now that I’m three years post surgery as long as I stay with light weights I’m starting one Body Pump class a week. 

For those who don’t know it, here’s a taste 

Toning. I have none and I need some. 

I don’t want to be buff or muscly but toned would be ok. 

So what will you do to push yourself to a new limit this week? 

Confession: I’m going back to pump because it made me feel kinda badass 
Until later. 

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