Sunday Confessional; expectations

Confession: the magic journal worked. 

Of course it never works the way you want. I woke up this morning in dreadful humidity and felt puffy and bloated. Couldn’t even get my ring on. So during Mass today I prayed to not be the one to lose the good loss juju. 

I lost 0.6. Not much but it keeps it up like I asked for. 


The excitement of knowing something is coming but not knowing how or when. 

I know the weight loss will come. I just have to work on the how and when.  

What is seemingly so easy for some is a job of hard work for others. 

What are my expectations for next week? I’m on vacation. It’s my birthday week. Four of my six gym classes were cancelled. Hmmm. 

I am going to roll with it. I’m going to expect me to make the best choices I can make this week. 

Could be a blessing to my foot knee and hip to be forced to take time off. Who knows? 

What I do know is that I’m gonna be right back at WW next Sunday to own the choices I’ve made. That’s the only expectation I can bet on. 

Until later. 

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