Sunday Confessional; what’s your truth

Confession: I am still learning my truth 

I wake up every day and make my way through the world and know that I am a good person. I smile at strangers and hold doors for random folks and do my best to put good out in the world. 

Your truth can be easy or it can be hard. I struggle with it. When I want to be ‘just like everybody else’ and reach for it always. Not really knowing that I need to be ‘just like me’ 

This week I was on vacation. It was lovely. Spent time with the family went on day trips. Fun. Our gym was closed for repair so I took a vacation from that as well and from watching my food. 

Now it’s time to get back into my routine. Back to the gym. Back to tracking my food. Back to me. 

Last week I lived as though I don’t need help controlling bad habits. My real truth is I have a problem with food. I’m always going to have it and it’s always going to suck. 

Truth is harsh sometimes. It reminds us we’re not perfect. 

But do you know what?

Confession: I’m learning that I’m a better person in the imperfect and I can learn to love me until I earn my new truth. 

Until later. 

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