The Versatile Blogger: An Award!


I got a blog award today!! Thanks to She’s Losing It ( She’s a great blogger who is a constant sourse of inspiration as I make my way through my weight loss journey! It’s good to have those who’ve been there and lend an ear and a positive comment to me!!

The rules for accepting this award are:
◦Display the award certificate on your website. (I gave it its on page)
◦Announce your win with a post and include a link to whoever presented your award. (done)
◦Present 10 awards to deserving bloggers. (not sure I know that many, but I’m giving it the good ole college try)
◦Create a post linking to them and drop them a comment to tip them off. (working on it)
◦Post 7 interesting facts about yourself
(here we go!)

1. I can’t drink smoothies or milkshakes. It’s a texture thing, I gag after about two sips.
2. I almost burned my first apartment to the ground making popcorn in a pot with oil. Left the oil in the pot unattended on hot stove to answer the phone. BOOM. Fire. Panic. Tried to douse oil flames with water. Cue the fire department and the evacuation of our whole apartment building. To this day, hubby still won’t let me try again. (it’s been almost 20yrs now)
3. I am now the proud owner of two teenage children. I have an emergency call into my hair dresser, need to cover up all the grey I’m gonna get.
4. I’m allergic to my own cat. But I love him just the same.
5. I love the smell of toast. I think it’s one of the best smells. Ever.
6. I can’t watch a movie with my hubby. I’m asleep before the credits finish rolling. However, when he’s not around, I’m good. Go Figure?
7. I’m not sure if the above six things constitutes interesting….or just plain weird?!

Now to the ten who’s blogs I like to read:


2 Responses to The Versatile Blogger: An Award!

  1. hmmm that’s interesting that you can’t stay awake for a movie with your husband, but can without. does he exude sleep phermones? does he talk so much he lulls you to sleep? does he chose boring movies?? it’s a mystery!! 🙂

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